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Kenyon Review Writers Workshop, Literary Nonfiction

Instructor Rebecca McClanahan writes: Though rooted in fact and in actual, lived experience, literary nonfiction aspires to the condition of art, revealing itself in various ways—in close attention to language, for instance, or in an elegant structure, a well-paced narrative, a surprising voice, or in a new take on an old subject. Like poets and fiction writers, literary nonfiction writers often proceed without knowing what they will discover or what form the final work will take. They write their way into the questions, into the mysteries, attempting to find the underlying design woven into even the most ordinary events.

In this workshop, participants complete daily assignments geared to specific nonfiction writing techniques, and share the assignments with fellow writers. The focus is on generating new work and expanding participants’ knowledge of the literary nonfiction genre.

Each class is limited to 10 participants. Admissions decisions are made on a rolling basis, and we make every effort to notify applicants within four weeks of application. The application consists of the online application form, a resume, and a writing sample. The writing sample should be a short nonfiction piece or an excerpt from a longer work. Based on your application, you will be assigned one of the following instructors: Rebecca McClanahan or Dinty Moore in session I or Geeta Kothari in session II. Apply now!